Do you need Hedging Services in Gippsland? Call Gippy Tree Services

Like all living things, hedges can grow at an alarming rate, and if left unattended can become unruly and unsightly. They can also be a hazard. If you need help with pruning your hedges, or just want them to look neat and tidy, then call Gippy Tree Services today and let us help you.

Hedging in Gippsland need not be a difficult job, especially with Gippy Tree Services on your side, who just happen to have all the right professional gear. For example, we have hedge trimmers, polesaws, and chainsaws all ready to come to your aid to cut back your hedge. With over 15 years’ industry experience, our arborists also have lots of experience in sorting out bushes and hedges – so it won’t take as long as you think.

Are uncut hedges a big problem, though? Why should you keep them trimmed back?

Apart from not looking too nice, untrimmed hedges can be a problem if they start growing outwards too much. The more they grow, the more difficult it is to cut them, and they can pose a real fire hazard in the hot summer Australian heat. Keeping them cut back away from property is always a good idea.

You might also need hedging services in Gippsland to cut hedges that are near to roads. Drivers have a difficult time seeing around uncut hedges at road junctions, so you can help by keeping them neat and tidy if the hedges belong to you.

Don’t hedge your bets. Call Gippy Tree Services today and have us help you trim back your hedges, so they are neat and tidy again.

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