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Stump removal in Warragul for your family’s safety

The trees on your property are beautiful. They provide protection and one, in particular, has made a perfect home for a tree fort for your children. In the heat of summer, it’s as though you have your own, outside cooling system with all the shade your trees provide.

You’ve noticed that one of these beauties has begun to lean. Positioned toward the back of your home, near your children’s bedroom, it seems it gets a little closer to the house each day! It feels a little threatening, but you’re no expert. You wonder if it’s normal for a tree to lean a little, but you’d like to consult with a professional to be certain of your family’s safety.

Let Gippy Tree Services help you determine if your tree has become hazardous. We focus on arboriculture and have years of experience helping customers with tree removal and tree stump removal in Warragul. We will assess your trees for structural problems and disease.

Tree health is our priority. Whether it’s a tree that leans, or a tree stump requiring removal in Warragul because it has a disease, we can help. You want to enjoy the lovely trees across your property. It is important to realise that a single issue can cause a spreading damage to other trees, or to structures such as your house or garage.

It’s vital to be proactive about your properties’ landscape to protect it from potential hazards. Let Gippy Tree Services help you decide which trees or stump removals in Warragul are required, and which ones can stay to bring you years and years of joy!

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