Excellent Tree Pruning Services available in Trafalgar

Before you grab the pruning shears and head out into the garden, consider this. Do you know enough about pruning to help rather than harm the shrubs, hedges, and trees in your garden? It is all too easy to cut too close to a growth point, or prune at the wrong time of the year.


You should leave pruning of large trees to professionals who have the right equipment. Common tree pruning types include:


  1. Crown raising removes lower branches on mature or developing trees to clear sidewalks, lawns and streets for improved visibility and access. Such trimming encourages growth in the higher branches.
  2. Crown Thinning involves letting in light to promote growth by removing some of the top branches of young trees. Such trimming will improve a tree’s form too.
  3. Crown Cleaning means removing dead or diseased wood that could inhibit a tree’s growth.
  4. Crown Reduction is not ideal as it will inhibit a tree’s growth. It is used with caution when there is no other option available.


Perhaps it is time to consider calling a professional for your tree pruning. Trafalgar residents are lucky to have an arborist, Luke and his team at Gippy Tree Services as neighbours.  Because we are natives to the region, we understand when each tree, hedge, and shrub will benefit from pruning and when it’s best to leave them to grow in peace. With more than 15 years industry experience, we are the people to call if you need tree pruning in Trafalgar and elsewhere. We are fully insured, and with a fleet of equipment on hand, we can handle the full range of arboricultural services. Feel free to use the convenient form on our contact page to let us know how we can help you.

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