Tree Trimming in Neerim

Gippy Tree Service is a family owned and operated local business near Neerim. We are fully insured and qualified to undertake any tree trimming in Neerim. We offer free, no obligation quotes and will advise you as to the services that your trees may require.

Tree trimming requires qualified professionals to maintain the health and stability of the trees. We provide a level of high quality service and experience that far exceeds the service offered by a gardener or landscaper.

Whether you are concerned about those limbs hanging precariously close to your house, or animals are using your trees as highways onto your roof, and into your attic, Gippy can address the problem. You may need to trim your trees to balance or provide a finished shape to your landscape.

Your trees may have grown so that they intrude on each other, block your driveway or drop debris into your swimming pool. They may become dangerously close to power lines or hang over your neighbour’s property line. You may just not like the size of the trees as they have grown too large.

Sometimes trees need to be trimmed because they have grown too large on one side. If a tree is significantly unbalanced, it can fall over in a storm or when the soil becomes soaked from rain and soft.

No matter the reason you need tree trimming in Neerim, Gippy Tree Service is glad to help. Give us a call for a free estimate for all your tree trimming needs.

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