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Professional Deadwooding Services in Warragul, Gippsland, Baw Baw and South East Victoria

​Deadwood is an eyesore and can hurt the beauty of your tree and the property's curb appeal. Deadwooding is an essential practice for the health and safety of your trees. The process of deadwooding is to remove dead, dying, or diseased branches throughout the tree. If you are looking for professional arborists for deadwooding, you have found the right match in Gippy Tree Services. Our tree surgeons are qualified to identify, rectify and improve the overall health and safety issues that deadwood presents.

Work With Deadwooding Experts     

We are a leading deadwooding company serving several communities in Gippsland. Our expert team shall thoroughly inspect your trees to identify dead branches and remove them. We take pride in offering cost-effective tree removals, tree pruning, and stump grinding. As trained arborists, we have experience in all tree species found in Australia and extend the life and health of your treasured trees by removing the deadwood. 

We are a licensed and insured team that protects you from all liabilities while doing deadwooding and other tree maintenance jobs. Safety first has been our motto, and our team comes equipped with cutting-edge tools and safety equipment to prevent damage while deadwooding. After removing the deadwood, we clean up the property, leaving behind a pristine landscape. 

Why Must Deadwood Be Removed? 


  • Dead branches of trees are dangerous and pose a risk to lives and property when they are in close vicinity of structures 

  • Deadwood becomes a breeding ground for pests, and can lead to rot in the tree and damage it completely 

  • It can become an eyesore and damage the aesthetic appeal of your tree and the garden 

  • Removing deadwood allows healthy branches to absorb more sunlight which leads to lush branches 

Gippy Tree Services arborists are trained and qualified in proper deadwooding techniques that can increase the health and well-being of your tree. Don't look around when a professional team is a call away. Get in touch with us now.

Extend the Life of Your Trees with Professional Deadwooding Services

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