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Professional Tree Removal in Warragul, Gippsland, Baw Baw and South East Victoria

When it comes to tree removals it is highly recommended to consult a qualified arborist. Whether we like it or not - trees can pose a very real danger to people and property. Gippy Tree Services has a vast knowledge on tree species in a multitude of situations.

Common reasons for tree removal, tree felling and tree lopping include:

  • Structual issues

  • The tree has formed cracks

  • The tree poses a danger to its surroundings

  • A tree is diseased or has a pest infestation taht may eventually kill the tree and possibly spread to other trees 

  • The tree has become unhealthy 

  • Storm damage

  • The tree has become too large for where it is planted and roots are encroaching your property

  • The tree is growing on a lean towards a house, childrens play area, shed or driveway

Gippy Tree Services are Gippsland's experts in tree removal and can provide qualified advice on the health of your trees.


Tree Removals

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