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Professional Tree Removal in Warragul, Gippsland, Baw Baw and South East Victoria

Professional Tree Removals 

Does your tree have structural issues, or has an old tree become a safety hazard? If a tree on your property is posing a safety risk, it may be time for tree removal.  When it comes to tree removals, it is highly recommended to consult a qualified arborist. 


Hire The Best in the Tree Removal Business


Whether we like it or not - trees can pose a very real danger to people and property. If you are looking for a professional team for tree removal in the West Gippsland region, Gippy Tree Services has a vast knowledge of tree species in a multitude of situations. Gippy Tree Services is fully insured to undertake even the most complex of tree removals. Priding ourselves on being the most trusted name for tree removal in Gippsland, Gippy Trees cater to both residential and commercial clients. 


We have an experienced and trained team committed to excellence in arborist services. Our team uses cutting-edge tree removal tools and adheres to the best methods and safety practices ensuring 100% client satisfaction even in the most challenging jobs. 


 Whether it's a rotten tree in your front yard or one in the backyard posing a threat to your home or structures, you can trust our expert team to execute the project meticulously. We take care of the clean-up job post-tree removal and leave behind a spick and-span property. Along with tree removals, our team specialises in tree pruning, deadwooding, and stump grinding


Common reasons for tree removal, tree felling, and tree lopping include:

  • The tree has developed structural issues

  • The tree has formed cracks

  • The tree poses a danger to its surroundings

  • A tree is diseased or has a pest infestation that may eventually kill the tree and possibly spread to other trees 

  • The tree has become unhealthy 

  • The tree has suffered a storm damage

  • The tree has become too large for where it is planted, and roots are encroaching your property

  • The tree is growing on a lean towards a house, children's play area, shed or driveway.​

Gippy Tree Services is Gippsland's leaders for tree removal and can provide qualified advice on the health of your trees.

For tree removals or hazard assessment, contact our team today.

Tree Removals in the Gippy area
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