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Professional Stump Grinding Services in Warragul, Gippsland, Baw Baw and South East Victoria

Has your Google search for "stump grinding near me" brought you here? Congratulations, you have found a professional team for stump grinding. At Gippy Tree Services, we are an experienced team of arborists providing quality tree care services.

From the first cut to clean up, Gippy Tree Services offer a complete service for the removal of your tree. Stump Grinding is a cost-effective and economical way to remove unwanted tree stumps from your property after the tree has been removed.

We are a full-service tree management company providing tree pruning, deadwooding, and tree removal services to clients in Warragul, Drouin, Willow Grove, Bunyip, Garfield, Nayook, Gainsborough, Loch, Rokeby, and throughout Gippsland. Our team comes equipped with a rayco RG100X stump grinding machine to ensure the complete removal of unwanted stumps without causing any damage to surrounding assets. 

Why Is Stump Grinding Necessary?


  • Stumps can become a safety hazard and pose a risk to your pets and kids 

  • They are a natural habitat for termites posing a threat to your garden 

  • Stumps can regrow into full-sized trees requiring removal for the second time 

  • Stumps act as hosts for fungal pathogens infecting live trees

  • They act as an eyesore and affect the curb appeal of the property 

  • Stumps occupy valuable real estate which may be used in a meaningful way


Gippy Tree Services is your local and trusted tree partner in Gippsland's and we are experts in stump grinding.
For professional stump grinding services or tree removals, contact our team today.

Stump Grinding Services

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