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Cherry Picker Hire/Tower Hire - High Access Reach 30-metre EWP.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

30 metre tower
High access tower

Gippy Tree Services has welcomed its purchase of a 30m EWP. We can now offer higher access tower hire to our customers. Hiring a 30-metre tower for your works can be a practical and beneficial investment, depending on the specific requirements of the project and the context. Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring Gippy Tree Services 30-metre tower for high access works:

  1. Reach and Accessibility: A 30-metre tower provides a significant height advantage, allowing access to tall trees, utility poles, or other elevated areas. This height can be essential for tasks like tree trimming, pruning, or maintenance of vegetation and infrastructure in challenging-to-reach areas.

  2. Safety: Using a tower provides a secure and stable platform for workers, minimising the risk of falls and accidents. This is especially important when working at considerable heights or with heavy equipment.

  3. Efficiency: A taller EWP can improve work efficiency by reducing the need for constant repositioning or climbing. This can result in faster completion of tasks and reduced labor costs.

  4. Versatility: A 30-metre tower can serve various purposes, such as vegetation management, maintenance of communication infrastructure, or surveillance. It offers versatility and can be a multi-functional asset.

  5. Environmental Considerations: If your works involve eco-sensitive areas or wildlife habitats, hiring a tower may allow you to plan and execute work more carefully and minimise disturbance. Gippy Tree Services also offers EWP tower hire at 9-metres, 15-metres & 17-metres. When you need tower hire, you need to call the high access experts at Gippy Tree Services. Call us today on 0437619064.

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