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Professional Arboriculture Services Range from Tree Removals to Hedging in Drouin

Your property has great potential - once you get through the first layer of debris, tree removals, and dead wooding. You envision that someday there will be lovely new trees, an acre of grass for your children, and a border of wonderfully shaped hedges against your someday fence.

While these images are nice, today you stand amongst ruins. You aren’t sure where to begin – do you call a landscaper? Do you call a landscape architect? Do you hire someone strong with a chainsaw to start things off?

You call Gippy Tree Services. Our arborists provide specialised services ranging from tree removals to design-focused aspects of landscaping like hedging in Drouin. Our local, family-operated business entails an all-encompassing approach to your property and landscape needs. You needn’t be overwhelmed with any area of property maintenance.

Understanding your yard or property, and what’s entailed in bringing it to a safe, hazard-free foundation upon which you can begin to build your dreams can feel daunting. We pride ourselves on assisting our customers through the process. From stump grinding and dead wooding to mulching and prepping for your garden or creating exquisite hedging designs in Drouin, our expert staff will find solutions for all your property needs.

You have the dream, and we have the skills. Let’s put them together and from your first steps of basic removal to your final steps of beautiful hedging in Drouin, let’s make that vision come true!

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