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How to save money on tree removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Gippy Tree Services providing tree removal at affordable cost
Quality Tree Services at affordable prices

There are many factors that require the need to remove a tree. It could be a tree poses a

danger to people and property or simply an aesthetics situation.

Whatever the case may be it is always best to consult a qualified arborist. Gippy Tree Services can provide qualified advice on the health and safety of your trees and also work on the most cost effective price once the tree has been assessed.

Tree Pruning as an alternative

Pruning dangerous limbs and leaving the stump as habitat will ensure your tree is made safe and also minimises the cost of large timber removal. Consult our qualified team and discuss tree pruning as an alternative to removal

Keep the logs and timber and cut later for firewood.

Who doesn't need firewood living in Gippsland. The cost of your tree removal can be reduced by Gippy Tree Services simply taking the tree down safely with our skilled arborists and machinery operators and the timber and branches can remain for the client to use and/or dispose of.

Save money on tree removal by hiring a qualified professional.

There's the old saying 'poor man pays twice'. Whilst shopping around and receiving quotes it is incredibly important to check the skill set of the company and also make sure they have a current liability insurance policy. Gippy Tree Services are qualified and fully insured to undertake the most complex of tree removals.

Contact the professionals today for a free quote and assessment of your trees

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