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Summer Tree Care & Mulching

Mulching for tree care in Summer is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your garden, garden beds and your trees.

As the temperature rises, the ground becomes dry and parched, a layer of mulch can help regulate the soil temperature and can retain the moisture in the soil by 25%.

Mulching also helps to suppress weeds and improve soil fertility.

By providing a layer of mulch as insulation your tree will be less likely to be stressed under the heat of our Aussie Summer sun. BUT did you know; there is a correct way to add mulch to the base of your trees? To reap the best rewards from mulching your trees it is also necessary that you apply it correctly. One mistake property owners face is to pile your mulch directly against the trunk of your trees. By leaving a space between the mulch layer and trunk of your tree, it allows the base of your tree room to breathe, and you can further protect your tree from fungal growth and pest infestation which the moist environment of the mulch layer can produce. BUT HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF MULCH? With so many options on the market, how do you know which mulch is the right mulch? Choosing an organic type of mulch like wood chips produced by companies like ours, go through a natural decomposition process which as they breakdown and 'decompose' the mulch adds beneficial nutrients to your soil contributing to the health of your garden and trees.

Mulching trees at a clients property

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