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An Arborist in Warragul Provides Damage Recovery Services after Major Windstorms

Last week’s windstorm was incredibly fierce with gusts reaching almost 80 mph. You stayed indoors pacing and holding your breath, waiting to see if the gales would sweep your house up off the ground! Fortunately, your cosy dwelling managed to stay intact. Sadly, your backyard did not.

Today as you trudge through the aftermath of debris with your notebook of “to do” projects filling up the pages, you realise that maybe some of the damage is beyond your ability to fix. Massive limbs have broken off many of the trees, and tragically, you’ve lost your favourite old eucalyptus to the storm.

It’s time to contact an arborist in Warragul. Gippy Tree Services will help you to repair your property. We specialise in emergency and damage recovery services. We will remove debris and assess your existing trees for further problems.

Our arborist in Warragul will check your grounds for potential risk factors. We will inspect your property and provide options for reducing vegetation and other issues that can cause a threat in bushfire season. An arborist in Warragul can help you keep your land safer, repair damage that has occurred and help you to maintain your lovely property while reducing its vulnerability to winds and fire.

Your house survived gale winds, but unfortunately, your property wasn’t so fortunate. We will help you repair the damage. Your backyard is your sanctuary, and with our professionals working with you, it will feel like home again soon!

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