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Prune Your Trees and Lose the Waste the Easy Way, with Mulching in Drouin

If you have lots of trees in and around your property, you will know that they tend to grow and an alarming rate. The tree that once used to seem unintimidating has suddenly put on a growth spurt and is now looming ominously over your home. It’s time to start pruning!

Pruning your trees can also be a safety issue. Not because they are dangerous in themselves, but if there’s a bushfire, out of control trees can help spread the fire closer to your home. By pruning, you can create a natural firebreak, and keep flames away. Pruning, however, creates a lot of mess, so what do you do with it all?

Gippy Tree Services can help you by providing Mulching services in Drouin and the surrounding areas using our Bandit 18-inch wood chipper. We can come and prune your trees back, and mulch the resulting remains at the same time. Mulch is easier to remove than large branches, and you can also keep the mulch if you wish to use for other purposes, such as using on your flowerbeds to retain moisture and stop weeds from growing.

If you’re in need of mulching services in Drouin or any other tree-related services, give us a call at Gippy Tree Services. Our arborists have a broad knowledge of all types of trees, hedges, and bushes, and can offer you a free no-obligation quote to do almost any work on your property. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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