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Save Time, and Keep Your Mulching in Warragul

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

How can mulching save you time, you might ask? It’s an excellent question, and here at Gippy Tree Services, we’re here to give you all the answers you need.

Now, of course, you may think that mulching is just a handy way to get rid of tree branches. Rather than hauling off the results of tree-pruning, you just throw it into a mulcher, and it makes it nice and compact and easy to cart away, right? Yes, that’s one way to put it. However, the mulch that is left behind also has a variety of uses in the garden.

At Gippy Tree Services, we carry out mulching in Warragul and the surrounding areas. We can take the mulching away with us, or you can keep it for your garden. The choice is yours. Mulching is very handy to give your flowerbeds a tidy appearance, and it also helps the soil to retain moisture in the summer and stop weeds from appearing. You can save time in watering and weeding, by spreading a layer of mulching over your flowerbeds and around your plants.

Mulching in Warragul also provides the raw materials needed to deter some pests from your flowerbeds, as well as improving the soil texture.

So, if you’re thinking of pruning trees, or removing them entirely, don’t forget to ask Gippy Tree Services if you can keep the mulching. It can come in very handy indeed, even if it’s only to give your flowerbeds a more decorative finish. Call Gippy Tree Services today to talk about mulching in Warragul and many other tree related services.

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