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Need Tree Lopping Near Drouin?

Every homeowner who has trees on their property has faced the situation where branches are hanging precariously over their home, driveway or power lines. If those branches are not very large and close to the ground, the homeowner can usually deal with them by themselves. However, when those branches are high up in the tree or close to power lines, lopping them requires a level of know-how and specialised equipment that is not possessed by most homeowners.

At first glance, you may think: "No problem; I'll just get out the ladder and cut it with my hand saw." Once you think things through you could realise that the branch could very easily knock down the ladder as it falls. The branch could also get hung up in other branches or worse yet, become tangled in power lines.

Don't be the homeowner that takes out the power for the entire area of Drouin. You also don't want to be the person that provides the neighbourhood attraction as all the neighbours congregate in front of your home to discuss how that huge branch came crashing through your roof after you cut it. How embarrassing will it be when the ambulance pulls up to your house with the sirens blaring? You will never live that down at the neighbourhood barbeques.

Gippy Tree Services is a family owned business that provides tree lopping for Drouin and other areas. We pride ourselves on providing quality tree lopping around Drouin. We are fully insured and experienced to provide all of your tree looping needs.

Tree Services Drouin
Tree lopping by Gippy Tree Services

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