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Professional Hedging in Drouin for all Shrub & Tree Shapes and Designs

While you may not rank as an expert gardener, you’re close. Standing outside in your backyard, looking over your property, you realise you’ve become quite skilled in the art of landscaping. Your flowers bloom with the seasons, you know just when to cut back your vines, and there’s never a weed in any of your many planters.

If there is one area you lack know-how in, it’s hedging. Who knew it could be so complicated to precisely shape your borders and other hedge designs?

You have tried different hedging tools, and you’ve even tried pulling out a species and replacing it with a potentially hedge-friendlier plant. No matter, it always ends up the same – sad, misshapen hedges!

Gippy Tree Services provides professional hedging in Drouin. Our arboriculture services include beautifully shaping and designing your trees, shrubs and bushes. We are a family-owned business, and we care about our community and its people. We believe everyone should feel comfortable and happy with their landscaping.

Let us help you with all your hedging needs in Drouin. We also provide tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, cable and bracing, recovery, and damage assessments. Your property is your sanctuary, and it should be as safe as one, too.

Hedging in Drouin is a specialised area of landscaping. You know the precise look you want, and we can make sure you attain it. Your yard is your oasis. You should feel proud of your talents. Let one of them be your ability to identify the right pro to choose for your hedging needs in Drouin.

Hedge service by EWP tower
Hedging with Cherry Picker

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