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Call Gippy Tree Services for Stump Removal in Drouin

Looking out of your window, you see a beautiful landscape. The Australian bush in the background, and a lovely garden that you’ve tended for a couple of years. It has neat borders, a place for the kids to play, some stunning flowerbeds, but there’s just one problem that blights your view. That old stump in the middle of the lawn.

How do you get rid of that old stump, without having to “stump up” a lot of cash? The answer is to go for stump removal with Gippy Tree Services. We make stump removal in Drouin a much easier task, as we have all the right tools to remove a stump with the least hassle.

Trying to do it yourself can be a difficult job. Stumps are notoriously tricky to remove and are extremely tough. Without a grinder or machinery, you can bet on spending many weekends hacking away at that old thing. With a Rayco stump grinder, though, stump removal in Drouin is quicker and easier, and our professionals do this day-in-day-out, so we know the best way to remove even the trickiest stumps.

Don’t let that old stump be an eyesore any longer, and give us a call at Gippy Tree Services. We’ll assess the problem and get to work. As quick as a flash, that wretched stump will be gone, and you can start tending to your lawn again. For stump removal in Drouin and any other arboreal services, call us on 0437 619 064.

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