There are Many Reasons for Tree Removal Around Neerim

Homeowners near Neerim often struggle with whether a tree needs to be pruned or removed. Gippy Tree Service will try to give you some direction as to when tree removal is appropriate.

Most damaged trees can be dealt with by means other than removal. However, there are occasions when tree removal is the only viable option. When there are structural issues with the tree that cause doubts as to its integrity, you require tree removals in Neerim and other areas.

If the tree has significant cracks, it should also be cut out. If the tree poses a danger to its surroundings, such as structures, powerlines or places where people gather, it should be cleared away for safety reasons.

A diseased tree or one that has significant pest infestation that is likely to kill the tree or spread to other trees should be removed. It is much better to lose one diseased tree than to allow the problem to spread.

If a tree suffers significant damage from a storm or another trauma, it should be removed. The tree may lack structural integrity or may be so unbalanced that it will become an eyesore or dangerous. Also if a tree grows too large and can no longer be managed with pruning, removal is the safer choice.

Gippy Tree service is a family owned local business. They have the experience and specialised equipment to provide safe, professional tree removal near Neerim. We always provide free estimates and can advise you whether tree removal is necessary.

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